is a collection of choices that we have to make everyday. It’s about the choice to show up and be real. The choice to be honest. The choice to let our true selves be seen.

Brené Brown

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Just a collection of thoughts as I wrestle with my progressive revelation of who God is and what my response is to that glorious reality.


Navigating this faith life.

There is a lot going on in our world at any single moment. As the millennial generation coming through, we’re facing social issues that previous generations have never had to grapple with. So where do we turn for advice, for respectful rhetoric and safe expression of ideas, as we wrestle with concepts and social issues that the Bible seems to be hazy at best in addressing?

#Trending – a place where we, as Christian Millennials, can share, discuss, explore and debate the Christian response to the trending social, political, economic and spiritual issues we face.

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Top #Trending Topics.

What’s Your Story?

In the digital space, there is an ever-increasing conversation around the power of story. It’s been our chosen form of education, communication and inspiration for thousands of years. In fact, it is one of the things that makes us, as the human race, unique, special and different. Stories are so powerful that they seem to […]
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A study in love #1

Week One. So as stated in my Resolutions post, this year I want to focus on making the lives of those around me better instead of focussing on personal NY Resolutions and needless to say, we’re off to an interesting start. One of the big things I have noticed is the heightened awareness I have […]
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The Rain

I love rain. I love the sound it makes, the way it smells, the change in atmosphere it ushers in as the clouds gather and roll across the sky, announcing the rain’s arrival. I love hot beverages snuggled up on the couch, safely hidden from the force of the rain. It is mesmerising. For all […]
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Navigating this faith life.

I have had the awesome privilege of speaking at various Churches and Young Adult Conferences. I’m passionate about an authentic faith life, one that does not shy away from the mess that is created when faith and life collide. Feel free to listen to some of my previous speaking opportunities and please reach out if you would like to book me for your next church service or event.


Journeying through the mess.

When our faith and life collide, there can be a painful but beautiful mess created. Mentoring is a powerful tool in helping you navigate life when you feel a lack of direction, purpose or simply feel overwhelmed. I would love the privilege of journeying through life with you. If you would like to find out more about Mentoring and how it can assist you in growing in your faith, head on over to my Mentor page and get in touch. The first session is free and coffee is on me!